WJHRM Spring 2009

WJHRM  Spring 2009  JPG

Click here to download issue in PDF format:  WJHRM Spring 2009


WJHRM  Spring 2009

Disinformation Strategies of Human Resources for Computer Crime via Email
Pangiotis Petratos, Ph.D, Sofia Gleni, Edward H. Hernandez, Ph.D & Carson Maple, Ph.D

Teaching Evidence-Based Human Resource Management
Miguel R. Olivas-Lujan, Ph.D, James G. Pesek, Ph.D

Terminating an Employee:  How to Navigate a Contemptuous Goal
Lee Tyner, Ed.D

“Lights, Camera, Action”:  Experiencing Human Resource Management through Film
M. Suzanne Clinton, DBA, SPHR

Using the LINE:  Integrating Economic Indicators in the Advanced Human Resource Management Classroom
Melody L. Wollan, Ph.D, PHR

HR Hotdish:  Feeding Student Appetites
Philip Deger, MSIR

Debate as a Teaching Tool (Human Resource Management):  Rational & Technique
Parmila Rao, Ph.D

Leading Motivated Employees: Six Areas of Concern for Managers
Randall B. Brown, Ph.D



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