WJHRM Winter / Spring 2014

WJHRM   Winter Spring 2014 COVER

Click here to download issue:  WJHRM Winter Spring 2014 PDF


Go Ahead, Check Me Out: Applicant Reactions to Online Social Networking Presence Checks

Rudolph J. Sanchez, Ph.D, Kelley B. Roberts, & Melissa M. Freeman
pp. 7-30

Reflective Decision-Making and Personal Traits

Alexander Megens, Ph.D, Job Schouten, MSc, Melanie de Ruiter, MSc & Jaap Schaveling, Ph.D,
pp. 31-45

Congruence of Management and Organizational Styles With Environmental Dynamics: Does Fit Still Matter?

Hilton Barrett, D.B.A, Joseph L. Balloun, Ph.D, & Art Weinstein, Ph.D
pp. 46-74

Technology Transfer Frontiers: Opportunities for Better Cooperation Among University and Industry

Roberto Pasca di Magliano, Ph.D
pp. 75-97

Theatre in Management Classes: Can Management Education Be Enhanced Through Narrative Structure?

Edward H. Hernandez, Ph.D, Jarrett E. Kotrozo, Ph.D, & Robert Page, Ph.D, Randy Bernal, M.S.
pp. 98-122


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