Publication Ethics Policy

Authors Shall:

  • Ensure that all work submitted is original, referenced correctly and that all authors are represented accurately and notified that they are included in the publication. The submission must be exclusive of the Western Journal of Human Resource Management and not under consideration elsewhere for publication.
  • Be the legal author of the paper and shall provide a complete listing of contact information for each co-author.
  • Accurately disclose and describe the source of the data used.
  • Openly discuss the legal usage of the data if requested
  • Remain in communication with the editor and/or reviewers to answer questions about the research methods or details of the research.
  • Fully respond to requests for changes to errors or fixes.
  • Provide digital copies of tables and or charts
  • Provide evidence for legal usage of photographs included in the research
  • Sign a statement allowing the Western Journal of Human Resource Management to legally publish the research in the accepted issue.
  • Fully cooperate with any investigations conducted about the submitted paper.

Editor Shall:

  • Protect the integrity and reputation of the journal by ensuring the highest quality of research is represented and published.
  • Provide a clear and understandable review process for all involved
  • Respond to authors inquiries and questions about the progress of a paper
  • Only accept papers that are original and meet the standards of research as set forth by the major societies addressing research in the management and business disciplines.
  • Provide advice and guidance on the proper paper format and styles for submissions
  • Communicate clearly with all authors regarding the status of their submissions
  • Provide clear communication for why papers were accepted and/or rejected for publication.