About / Submission Guidelines

The Western Journal of Human Resource Management is a peer-reviewed academic research journal focusing on human resource management theory and education.  Submissions are always welcome for publication.

No author is ever charged for publication.

The majority of paper published in this journal have been presented at WBM International Research Conferences over the last 13 years.

WJHRM invites human resource management scholars to submit articles pertinent to the the field of Human Resource Management. Papers are considered for publication with the understanding that they have not been published elsewhere and are not under consideration by any other publication. Any repetition of work published elsewhere (without the proper permissions and approval) will result in immediate rejection of a submitted manuscript. Manuscripts may have been prepared initially for presentation at a WBM conference or symposium.


  • All authors of published papers are required to transfer copyright ownership of the manuscript to WJHRM, unless the paper was prepared under the purview of the US federal government.
  • Authors are allowed to write derivative work of the published manuscript; this would not violate the terms of the copyright agreement.
  • Authors are required to obtain written copyright permission to include material in their paper for which they do not own copyright.

WJHRM publishes peer-reviewed articles, book reviews, research notes. The submission guidelines vary according to the type of article.

  • WJHRM reserves the right to reproduce published papers in full or in part in other WJHRM media.

Submit papers to the editor:

Edward H. Hernandez, Ph.D
Professor of Management/HR
College of Business Administration
California State University Stanislaus

All papers must be in APA format.  All tables or images must be submitted digitally in JPG format.

Editorial Board:

Alfred R. Petrosky, Ph.D
California State University Stanislaus

Emin Ozkan, Ph.D
Accenture Consulting, London

Randy Bernal, M.A.
E&J Gallo Winery




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